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The town of Arlington is located approximately 6 miles northwest of Boston in the Middlesex County. If you’re a resident of the Arlington community, looking to improve your health and fitness, we offer personal training and group exercise classes at Inspire Fitness Studios! Check out what we offer below, and sign up online today.

Personal Training in Arlington

The certified personal trainers at Inspire Fitness Studio in Arlington are committed to your success. We provide customized plans, specifically tailored to your individual health and fitness goals, to help get you in the best shape of your life. Whether you’re trying to lose weight, gain lean muscle mass, or just tone up, we’re here to guide you throughout the process. During your free consultation, we’ll assess where your current fitness level is at, where you want to be, and devise a game plan from there. By hiring a personal trainer, you’ll constantly be pushed out of your comfort zone to try new things, and be motivated to push yourself harder than you knew possible. We use a variety of different equipment and training techniques, to always keep your sessions interesting.

Arlington Group Exercise Classes

In addition to personal training sessions, we also offer several group exercise classes in a lively atmosphere! Sometimes being surrounded by other individuals in a workout class can give you that extra motivation you need. We offer lift and conditioning classes, to help work on both strength and cardiovascular endurance. With a variety of equipment and training methods used in each class, you’ll constantly be progressing and pushing yourself further.

Active Aging Fitness Classes

As you get older, you realize more and more how important your health is. Getting enough exercise is crucial at any age, but something that many seniors fail to do. It can be intimidating to go to the gym or exercises classes, filled with younger people in their best shape, and making it hard for you to keep up. That’s why at Inspire Fitness Studio we offer “Active Aging Fitness Classes” specifically designed for seniors to work on basic strength training, balance drills, and gaining flexibility. You’ll learn how to perform exercises properly, under the guided instruction of our personal trainers.

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