Conditioning Class


Doing hours on end of cardio by yourself in a gym can get tedious and boring. If you dread cardio, the idea running on a treadmill for hours, spinning on a bike, or climbing the stair master can be enough to talk you right out of going to the gym.


And to be honest, we don’t think that’s necessary. That’s why we like to switch it up, with our conditioning classes at Inspire Fitness Studio! Say goodbye to your boring old cardio workouts, and get ready to start enjoying your conditioning workouts.

Full Body Strength Exercises

Although this is a cardio based workout, we use kettlebells and dumbbells to combine cardiovascular training with strength and flexibility training. The goal is to work every muscle in your body to create balance. You’ll be surprised at how much of a sweat you’ll work up during class, without stepping foot on a treadmill or any type of cardio equipment.


Bodyweight exercises and light weights combine for a highly effective cardio workout. You may also even be surprised at how much fun you’ll have! The high energy of the room and motivation from our personal trainers will push you further than you knew possible.

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Ready to switch up your cardio routine and try something new? We have plenty of options - whether you're into conditioning, lifting, or HIIT, we're here to help you meet your fitness goals. Find out more about out membership options by sending us a message or giving us a call at 781-643-0002.