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What Is HIIT Training And Why Should You Add It To Your Workout Routine?

Updated: Apr 13

While getting “fit” and “healthy” seems to be on everyone's to-do list, it’s often not as easy as we’d like. Between finding the time to go to the gym, getting the grocery shopping done, and cooking healthy recipes, it can seem nearly impossible, especially for someone with an already packed schedule.

However, if you’ve been using lack of time as an excuse, here's the perfect solution: HIIT training. High-intensity interval training, or HIIT for short, allows you to get your heart rate up quickly, without spending hours on the treadmill or other cardio equipment. You can even do this type of workout at home in a pinch.


One of the biggest advantages of HIIT training in comparison to traditional cardio is the number of calories that you can burn in a fraction of the time. Studies have shown that HIIT workouts can burn 25-30% more calories than other types of exercise such as running, biking, or weight training when done for the same amount of time. So, if time is a factor that’s been hindering you, interval training is just the right solution.

After-Exercise Burn

In addition to the calories you’ll burn during exercise, the intensity of HIIT increases your metabolism long after you’ve finished the workout. There have been studies done that have found HIIT increases your metabolic rate for hours after exercise, even longer than jogging or weight training.

Promotes Fat Loss

With the number of calories that HIIT has the potential to burn, it’s no surprise that it can also help you to lose fat. It has the ability to produce similar fat loss to traditional cardio, with a much smaller time commitment. If weight loss is your goal, HIIT is an effective method to add to your workout routine.

Muscle Gain

Not only will this type of training assist you in losing fat, but you’ll simultaneously be building muscle when HIIT training. While a majority of the intervals will be bodyweight exercises, adding dumbbells and kettlebells to the exercises will help to promote the gain of muscle mass. This type of training will help you to shed fat and tone up, giving you the results you’ve been looking for.

Joe Rindone, NCPT is a certified personal trainer and the Founder of Inspire Fitness Studio in Arlington, MA. Joe's passion for fitness has motivated him to become one Greater Boston's best personal trainers. An athlete throughout high school and college, Joe has always enjoyed being active. Currently he enjoys road races, working with his boxing coach, kettlebell training and getting out for a round of golf in his spare time.

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