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What Members Say About Inspire Fitness Training Studio

"It's so hard to pick a favorite thing about Inspire Fitness. The trainers are amazing - they make every session challenging and fun. I always know I'm going to get a great workout. The community is incredible. Everyone is welcoming and friendly. We truly are a gym family and we love spending time together after class, grabbing coffee or a drink. The personal training is top-notch. My fitness level is so much better because of my training sessions. I can't say enough about how much I love what Joe has built - An amazing personal training and fitness studio near me!"

-Rachel S.

"Joe at Inspire Fitness is the perfect trainer! Skilled, reliable, kind, and patient – he makes exercise fun ... and even enjoyable! I would give 6 out of 5 stars if I could – highly recommend!"

-Kathleen B.

"I’ve been working out with Joe at Inspire Fitness for a few months now and I have really enjoyed it! Joe listens to my concerns, adjusts things as needed and always gives me a great workout. I highly recommend it!"

-Sarah B.

"Here, the coaches actually train you and are attentive to what you are doing. During the pandemic, they've done an amazing job of giving support, and created a safe place both physically and virtually to stay healthy, motivated and fit!"

-Mary P

"So, I’m attempting Firefighting academy in 3 days. 6 weeks ago I did the orientation fitness portion and realized I was not where I needed to be physically for that, which then affected my mentally. The price was reasonable to get me where I am 3 days from the academy. Lost 20+ pounds with 110% dedication to meet trainer, work out at home and have an app able to connect to have a diet support at the same time. I totally recommend this place, these trainers for close in shape training as long as you want the results you’ll get them. Or a simple beginning healthy lifestyle which if going hard for a time frame works, I’m sure the little steps are just as positive. So I totally recommend this spot!"

-Marc M.

"Love Inspire! The trainers work you hard but make it fun...Small groups which have inspired new friendships!"

-Elaine H.

"Love this place! The Kettlebell class is one of my favorite workouts of the week. Joe is a great instructor and makes sure you have good form. He goes over technique very carefully to avoid any injury. A fun, chilled-out place to work out near me. Highly recommend!"

-Nisha R.

"Great people and studio! Very clean studio and professional staff!"

-Martin C.

"I've been to numerous gyms and this one is the best.  The trainers are extremely knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful. The classes are challenging, but the trainers work with you to do your best. The community is so supportive - everyone always encourages each other and the work out environment is extremely positive. I get to do workouts that are both very effective and fun with great people and awesome trainers. I would recommend this gym to anyone who is looking to get in shape, whether they are already into fitness or just getting started.  It truly is a great gym for everyone."

-Em K.

"Joe is a nice guy and knowledgeable personal trainer. Highly recommend you check them out."

-George L.

"A wonderful local gym where everyone is welcome and accepted. I have been taking classes at Inspire Fitness Studio for a number of years now and cannot speak highly enough about the staff, the comfortable atmosphere, and most of all how Inspire has helped me to maintain a fitness routine, especially during a pandemic. I would highly recommend that you give a class a try or inquire about personal training."

-Kara A.

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